Meet the team

Gilli Alperovitch Zohar

Tech Marketing & Dev Rel @Outbrain

A marketing and communication specialist for the past 5 years. I enjoy working with developers and taking part in nurturing...this community and telling the technology story of Outbrain.

Ran Tavory

dev @ appsflyer

The voice at reversim

Omer Elimelech

Security Researcher @SentinelOne


Tal Salmona

Engineering Manager @ Facebook

I'm an Engineering Manager @ Facebook Tel-Aviv. I joined the Reversim moderation team this year to help bring you great content.

Neta Kedem

Node.js developer @Pepper

A Node.js developer by day, and a tired Node.js developer by night

Avraham Rosenzweig

Dev Team Leader @ Wix

Have been developing software for more than 20 years, having been in the backend side, frontend side, architecture and management... I'm passionate about developing great products, being engaged with the business, understanding what the users really care about and leading teams capable of doing all that (and always with a smile).

Yael Oshri Balla

Dev @Invision

A software engineer since the age of 18, I played various hands-on and management roles, doing both frontend and backend before it was called "Full Stack"... Nowadays focusing on developing in javascript, with all the new developments and challenges it brings.

Victor Trakhtenberg

Software Engineering Manager

I am a software engineering manager with vast experience in leading people, products and processes. Passionate about technologies as much as about... implementation and deployment methodologies. Currently leading the development of Personalization Products at Taboola, following its acquisition of Commerce Sciences in which I served as a VP R&D. Co-founder of the JavaIL community (

Karen Cohen

I help people and systems work better together

I love designing and building infrastructure/platform products. I enjoy the challenge of reconciling developer... experience and operations, as well as the end users goal and experience. I have vast experience working on multidisciplinary projects. I'm an experienced developer, product architect, manager and mentor. I believe in and practice leadership without authority, I help people understand both the business context and the underlying architectural landscape. I strive to share my experiences and learn from others. I organize and speak at tech conferences, write and read blog posts, and take an active part in Wix’s R&D events and branding.

Nati Cohen

Production Engineer @ Here Mobility

Production Engineer at Here Technologies, and a Teaching Assistant at the Interdisciplinary Center... Herzliya. Previous experience includes: operations consulting, software development, *nix administration and security research in the Intelligence Corps as well as in multiple startup companies.

Eran Paz

AI researcher, enthusiast and community manager

I manage the data science team in a startup called MDGo (go check it out, it's the coolest startup out there, for real). Before... that I was a deep learning researcher at SAP, solving mostly computer vision problems using deep neural networks. I'm a huge AI enthusiast, I love learning about it, teaching it and I'm one of the managers of the biggest machine learning communities on Facebook, "Machine and Deep Learning Israel".

Al Yaros

System Architect at Plus500

Software craftsman with endless passion for software and vast hands-on experience in solving problems for some of the world leading companies. I am... always learning and am especially passionate about machine learning and code architecture. I'm also a father for 2, petrolhead and an entropy knight.

Issahar Weiss

Software developer @ Next Insurance

Software developer and team leader for the past 20 years. Music lover (

Ori Lahav

The second tenor of Reversim Podcast (and summit)

Lot's of Bio but right now. Co-founder of Outbrain and Reversim podcast. Outbrain CTO.

Julia Vishnevsky


Engineering manager. Curious autodidact.

Chen Kaza-Karasenty

Frontend Developer @ Appsflyer

Alon Nativ

SVP Engineering at ClimaCell

Hacking since the age of 5 😀

Ohad Shai

Kotlin Developer and Advocate at Outbrain

A backend developer for the last 15 years. Contributor and maintainer of the open source projects of kotlin-logging... and jasync-sql. Co-organizer of KotlinTLV meetup. Reversim 2019 moderator.

Liron Kreiss

Software Engineer at Cybereason

Shlomi Noach

Engineer and database geek

Shlomi is an active MySQL community member, authors orchestrator, gh-ost, common_schema and other open source tools, and blogs at... Shlomi works at GitHub on the database infrastructure team solving high availability, reliability, enablement problems, running automation and testing. He is the recipient of MySQL Community Member of the Year, Oracle ACE (Alumni) & Oracle Technologist of the Year awards.