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Gett is a global ride-sharing app built on a simple idea – if you treat drivers better, they will treat riders better. We are building a world class transportation service loved for its quality. In other words- a marketplace “on demand”, basically a cloud for taxi rides. We have become the fastest growing in NYC, and are on-track to become the second-largest player in that market. In Europe we are already live in more than 100 cities. In London alone, more than half of all black cabs run on Gett. We’re also the global leader in business ground travel, trusted by over 10,000 leading corporations worldwide. And there’s so much more to come! Gett’s technology leverages big data, cutting edge predictive algorithms and artificial intelligence. It serves as the foundation for on-demand autonomous cars and much more. Gett has raised more than 700$ million in funding and was selected by Forbes as one of the “top 15 explosively growing companies”.Our great company already has 1,200~ employees worldwide.
Developed by two of the world’s preeminent mathematicians, ThetaRay brings a transformational approach to big data analytics, isolating problems buried beneath big data and pinpointing opportunities concealed within traditional systems. Drawing inspiration from the manner in which complex systems operate in nature, ThetaRay’s patented algorithms grow more intelligent over time, yielding objective results in seconds. Revolutionary in its approach, ThetaRay lets math discover meaning in the data without making any pre-assumptions. Its rule-free approach pinpoints items that matter now and in the future, mapping them in context, time and location. With ThetaRay, clients obtain measurable value in days and achieve full deployment in a matter of weeks. From that point on, ThetaRay’s system runs automatically, without intervention from client personnel and with the continuous support of an adaptable platform. TheraRay helps financial institutions, cyber security divisions and critical infrastructure businesses make giant strides in managing risk and generating new growth. With ThetaRay’s solution, organizations become as resilient as these times require: safeguarding assets, recovering from setbacks and capturing future growth amid continuous change.
Bizzabo unleashes the power of events to drive impactful in-person experiences, foster networking opportunities and business outcomes for thousands of events around the world including those by Microsoft, Hubspot, NBC, EA Sports, Adobe, Elastic, and Docker. Customers use Bizzabo to consolidate their event stack and benefit from the platform's insights to manage, measure and grow their events participation, engagement and experience. Key features enable organizers to build websites, manage event registration, sell tickets, grow communities through onsite networking and event apps - all within a cloud-based, user-friendly platform.
JoyTunes is bringing music learning into every single household around the world, whether it’s piano, guitar, sax, singing, or any other instrument. To do so, we use cutting-edge technology to empower millions worldwide to fulfil their musical dreams. With more than 10 million downloads worldwide and 1 million music learners a week, our current piano learning apps are seeing fast user and revenue growth, chosen as one of the best apps by Apple and Google and used by 10% of US piano teachers. Read more at our medium blog.
Kenshoo is the leading technology platform for brands looking to plan and amplify effective marketing across the various digital channels. It is the only marketing solution that provides data-driven insights and optimization technology to help make informed decisions and scale performance across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Apple, and more. Kenshoo’s machine-learning algorithms and cutting-edge AI enable companies to predict and keep in-step with the ever-changing consumer journey. With 27 international locations, the headquarters and R&D centers in Tel Aviv and Modiin is where all the action is happening :) Come join us!
CyberArk is the global leader in privileged access security, a critical layer of IT security to protect data, infrastructure and assets across the enterprise, in the cloud and throughout the DevOps pipeline. CyberArk delivers the industry’s most complete solution to reduce risk created by privileged credentials and secrets. The company is trusted by the world’s leading organizations, including more than 50 percent of the Fortune 100, to protect against external attackers and malicious insiders. For over a decade CyberArk has led the market in securing enterprises against cyber attacks that take cover behind insider privileges and attack critical enterprise assets. Today, only CyberArk is delivering a new category of targeted security solutions that help leaders stop reacting to cyber threats and get ahead of them, preventing attack escalation before irreparable business harm is done
Trax is the leading provider of computer vision solutions and analytics for retail. It recently was selected as a Red Herring Top 100 Global and ranked in the top 25 Fastest Growing Companies on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list. The company enables tighter execution controls in-store and provides clients with the ability to leverage competitive insights through its in-store execution tools, market measurement and analytics services to unlock revenue opportunities at all points of sale. Many of the world’s top brands and retailers leverage Trax globally in more than 50 countries to manage in-store execution and increase revenues at the shelf. Trax is headquartered in Singapore with offices worldwide.
Chegg puts students first. Our mission it to help students study smarter. Chegg’s products, like online tutoring, step by step solution guides, an AI-powered academic paper editor, are used by more than 4 million students annually. Chegg’s Israel dev center will focus this year, among other things, building the next learning platform for our students, one which would save time, save money and help the students master their courses. We’re currently 50 education passionate employees and we’re looking for more people to join and make an impact in the lives of students. Don’t believe us – just search for “Chegg “ on twitter.
Cloudinary provides a cloud-based media full-stack platform for the world’s top brands. With offices in the US, UK and Israel, Cloudinary has quickly become the de facto solution for web developers and marketers to manage images, videos and other rich media assets and deliver an optimal end-user experience. Cloudinary has more than 5,000 customers worldwide, including AMC, Taboola, Fairfax Media, Forbes, Virgin, GrubHub, Hinge, BuzzFeed, Lululemon Athletica, Outbrain, NETFLIX, StubHub, Bleacher Report,, Conde Nast, Under Armour and Whole Foods Market.
is a key site among other sites of the global company, and is a leader in research, development & innovation arrays, which are at the forefront of technology. We do not have Big Data. We have HUGE data! Our R&D center offers you a great playground – whether you are a SW engineer, analyst or researcher. With over 1.2 billion items, all ready-to-buy, you can be sure that your day-to-day job will be super dynamic and interesting. You get an opportunity to create a HUGE Impact Each employee has a meaningful contribution to eBay’s platform and thus to the whole shopping experience. Our unique cultural organization offers you an opportunity to create an impact not only on internal processes, but also on the lives of tens of millions of people around the world, by delivering eBay’s core strategy. Great responsibility, isn’t it? What we do and how do we do that? Usually, we take ideas and prototypes from various deep learning disciplines, we combine them with the product requirements and bring new, data driven product solutions to customers. Among our areas of expertise, which we are the leaders at, you can find machine learning, NLP, information extraction, entity recognition, taxonomy management and computer vision. Diversity is how we plan, act and think We believe that diverse teams lead to best results. This is why you can find different people in each team, from different backgrounds, marital status and more. However, they all have one thing in common: they are all really GREAT PEOPLE!
Oracle Development Center is made out of the unique combination of the perks and benefits of an international corporation, and the vibes of an Israeli start-up. We believe in the unique combination of cracking major technological challenges, creative work on products at scales of hundreds of thousands of customers around the world and a constant flurry of innovation. With around 100 proud employees across 2 offices, joining us is being a part of a team, a family, meeting awesome new friends and work at a large scale across the globe. We operate in 2 groups: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) - Build the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technologies that are consumed by Oracle’s colossal customer base across the globe. Operating in a high scale, distributed and multi-tenant Cloud environment, using our expertise to create world-class storage, compute, networking, database, security, and user experience. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to create the next generation of hyper-cloud infrastructure. Oracle Data Cloud (ODC) - Use the latest machine learning and big data techniques to help advertisers connect with the right customer. We aggregate, analyze and activate consumer data — enabling our customers to personalize every interaction and measure the effectiveness of every engagement. Our systems process 7 TRILLION pieces of data every month! We put data to work and take marketing one step further than it’s ever gone before. We’re growing and looking for some brilliant minds to join us. Look for our open positions if you are up for a challenge!
Zebra Medical Vision Ltd. is a medical imaging AI company. The company’s AI solutions analyze clinical imaging data in real time, detecting various medical indications, such as liver, lung, cardiovascular and bone disease. Its high-performance software has secured multiple regulatory approvals, such as FDA and CE and is based on a robust database of over 30 million high-quality real-patient scans. The Zebra solutions are installed in hospitals globally and provide radiologists the assistance they need to manage ever growing workloads, without sacrificing quality. Zebra has raised $50 million in funding to date from investors including AMoon, Khosla Ventures, NVIDIA and Marc Benioff and is growing rapidly.
Eko is building an interactive storytelling ecosystem of engaged viewers, forward-thinking creators, and innovative brands to pioneer the future of entertainment. Eko Engineering, located in Ramat HaHayal in Tel-Aviv, develops technology that allows participants to affect, control, and influence interactive entertainment like never before. At the core of Eko’s technology is a proprietary player able to efficiently and seamlessly generate and deliver media streams dynamically. On top of that, Eko provides a platform for creating and distributing interactive stories and deeply engaging experiences. At the heart of the platform, is Eko Studio, a suite of authoring tools, a JavaScript framework and the Eko API. Eko and Walmart have recently announced a major partnership, forming a joint venture that will invest over $200 million in creating premium interactive content using Eko’s platform.
LivePerson makes life easier by transforming how people communicate with brands. Our 18,000 customers, including leading brands like Citibank, HSBC, Orange, and The Home Depot, use our conversational commerce solutions to orchestrate humans and AI, at scale, and create a convenient, deeply personal relationship — a conversational relationship — with their millions of consumers.
WeWork Technology is solving problems that people face everyday in the workplace, from making in-person connections to optimizing workspaces for efficiency and collaboration. We are also experimenting with cutting-edge approaches to make the physical world as responsive as the digital, and are eager to work with technologists who are passionate about building infrastructure and tools from the ground up.
Tipalti combines the responsibility of managing large amounts of payments with the agility of a startup. We help companies make payments and manage their invoices to help them scale their operations easily and quickly. We love our development process and technology and always try to stay up to date with the latest developments. Hundreds of companies trust Tipalti to transform their supplier payment operations including Uber, Twitter, GoDaddy, GoPro, Twitch, Roku, Chartboost, Roblox. Tipalti’s momentum was recognized by its inclusion on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list, which identifies the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, and energy tech companies - both public and private. Tipalti grew its employee headcount more than 50% in 2018 and plans to grow by over 50% again in 2019.