Meet the speakers

Hila Noga

co-founder and CTO of Lynx.MD

Hila is the co-founder and CTO of Lynx.MD - a data science platform for healthcare, and was previously the CTO of Hello Heart. She has 15 years of experience building software, training people who build... software, and managing teams that build software. On her free time she likes to wander around the city and urban-sketch while eating all the things.

Tomer Levi

Data Engineer at Fundbox

Data Engineer at Fundbox for the last 7 months, prior to that a Data Engineer at Intel's advanced analytics group. Mad about software development and cloud, especially data (always have at least 2 books in my backpack)... Playing with arduino Listening to +10 podcasts Contributor to neo4j-spark-connector

Atzmon Ghilai

Started my career in Mamram, co-founder and VP R&D of Phonetic Systems, a speech recognition startup

I started my programming career more than 40 years ago in Mamram, the army computer center. I was the co-founder and VP R&D of Phonetic Systems, a startup... company that developed technology and products in the area of speech recognition. The company Was acquired 10 years ago by Nuance, inc. After the acquisition I was the site manager of the Israeli R&D office of Nuance. After that I was a lecturer in Hi-tech college in Herzelia for web related technologies. 6 years ago I relocated to Ukraine, and I am employed as VP Project Management in Easternpeak, an Israeli outsourcing company. Responsible for custom web and mobile development for our customers all over the world, including Israel.

Eilon Reshef

End-to-End Architecture for AI/ML-based Systems

Co-Founder and CTO at I have been creating innovating software products more years than I'd like to admit. Started from desktop software in the 1980's. Moved to client-server system... in the 1990's. Transitionedto web-based (think-client) systems in the 2000's. Migrated to cloud based systems in the 2010's. Now focused on "intelligent" AI/ML-based systems.

Yossi Shmueli

Software Architect @ ClimaCell

I love building Lego. But since its not a real profession, I decided to go with Software Engineering (which is kinda the same, only with code instead of lego bricks). I'm passionate... developer, experienced in designing and crafting production systems, with a focus on automation, maintainability and scalability.

Ran Bar-Zik

Developer at Verizon, Writer at Haaretz

Web developer and security enthusiastic for the last 15 years. Developing web infrastructure at Verizon Media, Writes Technical stuff at, Write... less technical stuff as a reporter at Haaretz. Bot Hunter, breaches finder. Father of 4.

Noa Raindel

Machine Learning Researcher @ General Motors

Machine Learning researcher for General Motors, working on Computer Vision for the autonomous vehicle project. Noa holds a master’s degree in Systems Neuroscience from... Weizmann Institute. She is a 2 times challenge winner in HackZurich, Europe’s largest hackathon. Noa is also a co-organizer of AlgoIL meetups, a diligent painter and a comedy improv enthusiast.

Daniel Avramson

Data Infrastructure Team Lead at Outbrain

Experienced software developer and team lead. Worked at various startups and currently leading the team responsible for data delivery and data processing at Outbrain.

Eynav Dagan

Senior Developer & Researcher

3 months ago I joined Evinced - a brand new startup, still in the initial research stage. Up until then, I've been a backend team leader at Ravello - from its early days as a startup and through the times it became... one of Oracle cloud services. Overall, I have over 10 years of experience, in which I developed a passion for clean code and for complex business logic.

Bar Vinograd

ML Geek

Deep Learning Expert and Data Scientist. I have been working closely with startups, corporates and leading institutions for the past 5 years. My fields of expertise include Computer Vision, NLP, Statistical... Modelling and Anomaly Detection. I also have 8 years of experience in software engineering and a graduate of 8200 IDF Unit and of Tel Aviv University in Math and Linguistics. As an active community member, I am frequent at giving talks about machine learning, a mentor at Google AI Launchpad and a teacher and an advisory board member at Israel Tech Challenge.

Dan Shappir

Passionate about Web performance

I am the Performance Tech Lead at, responsible for making over 100 million sites hosted on the Wix platform load and execute faster. I have over 20 years of software development... experience, and have worked on systems ranging from missile trajectory simulations to networked multi-user games to designing and building Web apps. I am a frequent speaker at technical conferences. I hold an MSc in computer science from Tel Aviv University.

Erez Lotan

Software Craftsman, Agile Coach and Development Manager @Kenshoo

Leading the data platform development group @Kenshoo, prior to that, various leadership roles, from Chief Architect to leading multi-disciplinary... delivery teams. I equally enjoy building software and working with people, and learned that the right solution to almost any problem is a great team.

Itay Maman

Principal Engineer, Wix

Addicted to dark chocolate and refactoring, Itay has been (and still is) coding, designing, debugging, architecting, and solving production outages for ages. He has recently joined Wix's infrastructure group... working on Wix's internal build system. Earlier gigs include (core data-platform that supports Testim's algorithm and backends), Google (a TL of Google Sites' infrastructure team), a lecturer at the Technion, and a few other places. Itay holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (title: Formal Patterns in Java Programs) from the Technion.

Eran Shapira

Software Engineer, Mgr

I love Javascript, whether if it's web, node, electron or hybrid apps. I enjoy programming and developing (almost) any kind of product, the more challenging the better. Taking complex things and breaking them to simple...pieces, making them work together beautifully is my favourite thing. I've been a programmer ever since I remember myself, and am extremely ambitious and enthusiastic, I'm always after a good quality challenge, looking for the next 'hot' thing and instantly 'hacking' it from every possible angle. I love tinkering with the inside of any kind of platform - from low-level operating system components, to high-level programming languages, to high level frameworks(AngularJS, ReactJS) or tools(grunt, gulp, webpack). I love any kind of software development as long as it's challenging, interesting and involves learning new things. A strong believer of having fun while working hard and extremely serious about it 😀

Doron Fishler

מרצה, מבקר קולנוע, כותב ומגיש פודקאסט בנושאי קולנוע, טלויזיה ומדע פופולרי

Yonatan Bergman

Director of Engineering at WeWork

Yon is an experienced software engineer and manager with an eye for design and a passion for building great products and teams. Focused on consistently improving and nurturing team... culture and productivity, as well as empowering those around him.

Yshay Yaacobi

Tech lead @ Soluto

I'm a Tech Lead at Soluto with more than a decade of experience in web and cloud technologies. Love writing code, designing systems, developing open-source projects, scaling software and building great user experience...I also co-organize the Rx-Israel Meetup group and enjoy giving talks about reactive programming, Docker, and cloud development.

Rina Artstain

Full Stack Developer @ Dropbox

A full stack developer @ Dropbox with 15+ years of experience in a variety of technologies, a blogger and a mentor. I care deeply about advancing women in tech, and have been known to... have strong opinions on many things, including software development & design, but not about tabs vs. spaces.

Benny Schnaider

Co Founder at Salto

Entrepreneur at large. Enjoy working with smart people, solving interesting technical and business problems at key industry junctions.

Guy Smoilovsky

CTO at DAGsHub, developer

A full time geek. I've been coding since age 13. Until recently, a backend developer at Glassbox Digital. Recently co-founded DAGsHub (, "GitHub for machine learning". Working... on my MSc in computer science in Tel Aviv University, focusing on Machine Learning. Recently happily married to Hagit. We live together in the Technion, where she works on the really cool stuff - researching how to extract useful energy from photosynthesis. In addition to technology, I'm very interested in science and rationality, and I love finding areas where the fields conjoin.

Yoni Tsafir


Software Engineer @ Google, previously JoyTunes. Singing and playing at Reversim since 2015

Moran Tsur

Education Lead at Wix. A software engineer, a passionate educator and anything in between.

A software engineer and a passionate educator, interested in how we can make education better through the use of... technology, and prepare people for a new tech world. Before joining Wix Education, I’ve spent 2.5 years at the MIT Media Lab, researching new ways to help learners getting started with online, creative learning experiences.

Ahmad Yasin

Performance Analysis Expert for x86 Architecture (Intel)

Ahmad Yasin is a CPU senior architect at Intel focusing on performance monitoring and analysis. He owns the Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) of Core-based client and server... products like SandyBridge, IvyBridge and Skylake. He works closely with VTune™ users and Intel customers on performance optimizations and software-debug capabilities. To date, Ahmad has ~20 filed patents and 11 published conference/journal papers

Omri Fima

Connecting software and magic @ Natural Intelligence

Omri is a Data Hacker, Maker, and LEGO master builder. currently, he is a Data Architect at Natural intelligence, Obsessive for building magical user experiences using data and AI.

Dana Kaner

Data Scientist at PerimeterX

I am a data scientist at PerimeterX, where I design and implement machine learning models for real-time detection of malicious web activity. I'm interested in the theoretical aspects of machine learning... and excited to reveal ways that fill the gap between this theory and the applications to real-life problems. I hold a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics and a master’s degree in applied statistics and data science from Tel Aviv University.

Ori Lahav

The second tenor of Reversim Podcast (and summit)

Lot's of Bio but right now. Co-founder of Outbrain and Reversim podcast. Outbrain CTO.

Dor Amir

Personalization and Recommendation Data Scientist at Fiverr

I'm in Fiverr for over 2.5 years. Currently, I'm a data scientist working in the R&D group and focusing on personalization and recommender systems. I love... reading and trying new techniques and new technology.

Evyatar Alush

Lead Front End Developer at Fiverr

Lead front end developer at Fiverr's platform team. I work on multiple open source projects.

Einat Naaman

Machine learning developer at

A machine learning developer at Graduated with excellence in Applied Mathematics and earned MSc in Computer science with specialization in machine learning and deep... learning from Bar Ilan University. Working on advancing our world through revolutionary AI.

Netta Bondy

Senior Front-end Developer

Senior Front-end developer, the co-founder of Baot - Israel’s largest community of women in R&D, and a lover of all things JavaScript. She often codes useless things out of sheer curiosity and stubbornness.

Yaara Wertheim

Yaara Wertheim has been a product manager for the past 7 years for both B2B and B2C products. She was born and raised in the United States in a very Israeli house and has a unique bicultural perspective, that has proven... useful in many cross-cultural professional situations. She believes in focusing on team synergy and cohesion to drive better and faster results. She practices releasing in extreme MVP and constantly learning from the user, whether by user testing, interviews or by analyzing user behavior. When she’s not thinking about the user, she is busy dancing or creating something crafty.

Adam Matan

Backend Cloud Developer & Team Leader

Father, Backend developer, team leader, and community builder. Linux, Open Source, Python, Serverless, and Cloud fan.

Jesse Freeman

Chief Evangelist, DeepOps at MissingLink

As MissingLink’s Chief Evangelist, Jesse Freeman focuses on teaching DeepOp techniques that speed up AI first companies using computer vision and deep learning. One of the ways... Jesse does this is by approaching deep learning from an engineering standpoint. With over 20+ years of enterprise development experience at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, MLB, HBO, New York Jets, Bloomberg and more, Jesse is an expert in his field. In addition to his development background, Jesse has a masters in interactive computer art from the School of Visual Arts. He can be found on twitter at @jessefreeman.

Ran Tavory

dev @ appsflyer

The voice at reversim

Inbar Naor

Data Scientist @ Taboola

Inbar is a Data Scientist at Taboola, where she applies deep learning techniques for content recommendations. In the past, she worked with different types of data, including DNA sequences, neurological recordings,... click streams, texts and images. She has an MS.c in Computer Science with a focus on machine learning research, and a BS.c in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. In her spare time she is the host of Unsupervised – a podcast about data science in Israel; a co-founder and manager of DataHack, a Data Science and Machine Learning Hackathon and the DataTalk meetup.

Liran Yogev

Big data team leader @ Yotpo

Part of the world of big data for the last 2.5 years. Previously a full stack team leader.

Robert Fink

Conjure: simple, polyglot RPC

Dr. Robert Fink is the Head of R&D at Palantir Technologies. After bootstrapping Palantir's nascent commercial business in the APAC region, he and his team built Palantir's data integration and analytics platform,... Foundry. Robert leads Palantir's R&D group responsible for strategic technology and research investments. Prior to Palantir, Robert experimented — unsuccessfully — with a career in physics and holds a DPhil in Computer Science from Oxford University, specializing in database theory.

Gil Tayar

Senior Architect at Applitools

From the olden days of DOS, to the contemporary world of Software Testing, I was, am, and always will be, a software developer. I have in the past co-founded WebCollage, survived... the bubble collapse of 2000, and worked on various big cloudy projects at Wix. My current passion is figuring out how to test software, a passion which I have turned into his main job as Evangelist and Senior Architect at Applitools. I religiously test all my software, from the early days as a junior software developer to the current days at Applitools, where I develops tests for software that tests software, which is almost one meta layer too many for him. Unfortunately for me, I haven't yet answered the big question of my life - I still doesn't know whether static languages or dynamic languages are best.

Danny Grander

Security Research @ Snyk

Danny Grander is a veteran security researcher and the cofounder of, where he works on open source security and leads Snyk’s security research. Previously, Danny was the CTO of Gita Technologies and a lead... researcher and developer for a few startups. Danny is a frequent Capture The Flag participant, his team, pasten won both the Chaos Computer Club and Google’s Security CTFs.

Michael Arenzon

Architect @ AppsFlyer

Michael’s passion is around solving complex engineering problems while maintaining high velocity, with emphasis on building distributed and highly concurrent systems, creating (a real) large-scale... infrastructure, and improving operational efficiency. Currently he’s an architect @ AppsFlyer, the world’s leading mobile attribution & marketing analytics platform.

Tomer Gabel

Software malcontent

A programming junkie and computer history aficionado, Tomer's been around the block a few times before settling in at WeWork. Over the years he's built any number of (predominantly back-end) systems, cofounded two... major Israeli user groups (Java.IL and Underscore), organized an annual Scala conference (Scalapeño) and is a recurring speaker at software conferences. He secretly still hopes to realize his childhood dream of becoming a lion tamer.

Ethan Pransky

Developer @Appsflyer

Self-taught developer obsessed with learning as much as I can about handling data at scale and what we can do with it. Currently I talk to computers at Appsflyer. When I'm not talking to machines, I like being with my dog Taco,... running, swimming, and drinking coffee.

Gal Bar

Full stack engineer at HoneyBook

I am a full-stack engineer at HoneyBook. My love to my work is driven by the amazing people I work with and by the joy of seeing how beautiful products we build change people’s lives.

Guy Gerson

Big Data Platforms Developer @ PayPal

I am a Software Engineer on PayPal’s next generation stream processing platform core team. I am currently working on the adaptation of Statistical and Machine learning methodologies... as part of real-time data pipelines. Prior to PayPal, I was a Researcher on the IBM Cloud and Data Technologies group focusing on designing large scale Internet of Things analytics architectures.

Haim Yadid (lifey)

Platform Group Manager at Next Insurance

I am a software engineer with over 25 years of experience in various technology fields: software development, team management, software architecture, HPC and... algorithmic research. For eight years, I have focused on Java platform performance optimization as an independent consultant, and was involved in more than a dozen optimization projects. Over the last three years I’ve been building software from scratch at Next-Insurance, where I was the first backend developer to currently leading a backend development group. In my spare time I am one of the organizers of Java.IL.

Erik Zaadi

Team Leader at BigPanda

I'm a Team Leader at BigPanda, also dwelling in our Community efforts. I've been doing software development for over a decade. Addicted to automating ALL THE THINGZ, from CI to opening doors. DadPun advocate. PagerDaddy.

Daniel Sternlicht

Front End Guild Master @Outbrain

Front End Engineer since the age of 14, founder of Common Ninja and There is a bot for that, and open source enthusiast currently working as Front End Guild Master at Outbrain. Running the ... "Front End Developers Community" group in WhatsApp which includes senior developers from top companies in the world where we discuss, share, and consult with each other on topics from the front end world. Last but not least, married with 2 sweet children, and one awesome iPhone.

Noa Agiv

Data Science Team leader at Check Point

I'm Noa, Data Science team lead at Check Point, the cyber security company. Until recently I focused on securing smartphones and mobile application markets from malicious applications.... This was achieved by creating machine learning models based on applications’ code and artifacts, reputation on web, and their behavior detected by Check Point’s security engines. After a great success in empowering mobile security detection, my team now dedicates its expertise and efforts to enable data science cross-organization. We are building a framework that eases data access, research and productization, and lets researchers from various departments focus on the data itself by using shared resources and in-code methodologies.

kfir amitai

Senior Director, Proofpoint R&D

I'm passionate about technology and people. I had the pleasure to build and scale engineering groups and deliver great products.

Dror Helper

Freelance developer and software architect

Dror is a freelance consultant and a software architect. He has been writing software professionally for more than a decade, during which he has worked for industry giants... such as Intel and SAP as well as small startup companies. He has extensive knowledge of many programming languages and platforms including C++, assembly, .NET (C#/VB) and Java. Dror is a Pluralsight author and public speaker. He is an expert in agile methodologies and software engineering practices. When not writing code, Dror mentors developers and conducts courses about clean code, unit testing and TDD. In his blog ( Dror writes about programming languages, software development tools, clean code, cool programming languages and anything else he finds interesting.

Benjamin Gruenbaum

Node.js core, Open Source lover and Dev @

I work on browser internals at I'm also a Node.js core collaborator and community moderator. I love open source and I helped with some of the biggest libraries in the web ecosystem.... I help with the JavaScript Israel community and Node org.

David Golan

Cofounder and CTO,

Cofounder and CTO at - developing Deep Learning algorithms to identify acute pathologies and facilitate timely medical care.

Tamar Rucham

Engineering Manager at GoDaddy

Before transitioning to engineering manager in GoDaddy I worked as a software engineer in various companies for over 10 years. I used to live in the States and have been working... from home for GoDaddy for the past 4 years. I wrote in many languages and frameworks over the years, some where nice, some where not, but found a language I really love when I started working with Ruby on Rails.

Daniel Korn

Engineering Team Lead at BigPanda

In his current role, Daniel is an Engineering Team Lead at BigPanda, also leading the company's community and open source efforts. Daniel has spent the past 7 years building... products in the field of IT Operations, including contributions to open source projects such as OpenStack, Kubernetes and Ansible. When not coding, chasing hackathons or crashing meetups, Daniel is a GIF hunter and MEME crafter, addicted to exploring new places through football matches.

Erik Ashepa

R&D Group Manager @ Fiverr

An IDF Programming School (Mamram) honour graduate with 10 years of experience in software development, project management and architecture with a proven record of leading product development in startup and... growth companies. R&D Director @ Fiverr, leading the Buyers R&D Group. Over 6 years of experience practicing DDD in a number of verticals including Trading and E-Commerce. Co-founder of Israel's "DDD-IL Meetup Group”

Dima Goldenberg

Data Scientist and Team Lead at

I was always excited about looking at patterns, especially in people interactions. This led me to focus on data science and social network research as a career and discover patterns... in people behavior. I’m am excited with knowledge sharing and co-founded Wize organization which produces hundreds of bar-talks across Israel every year. I love to teach and was teaching different data topics in the academia and outside. Today I am a Data Scientist & Team Lead at and I want to share my observations about teams behavior backed by data.

Boris Litvinsky

Tech Lead at Wix

Boris services as Tech Lead at Wix, working on products empowering over 120 million websites. During his career, Boris got a chance to work in companies of various sizes – from a garage-stage startup to a... colossal corporate environment. Boris believes that a product’s internal code quality has a direct impact on its external quality – the business value the product gives the management and the product owner. That’s why he has an immense passion for well-written, highly maintainable, well-tested code. I am a speaker, blogger ( and the author of Glean for VScode ( and a huge fan of Javascript Community :)

Gilad Ben-Yossef

Linux kernel developer at Arm

I am a Linux kernel developer at Arm. I am the official maintainer of the Arm CryptoCell Linux device driver and work on general cryptography and security issues in the Linux kernel. I've been programming for more than 25... years. Over the years I've been a team leader, CTO, software architect, teacher and founded two companies but I always keep coming back to my first love - hands on software development. I've been active in the Open Source community for more than 20 years and have co-founded the Hamakor NPO and the Augunst Penguin conference. I'm the co-author of "Building Embedded Linux Systems", 2nd edition. Besides computers I'm a curious guy that likes to explore the world and himself: at 6th grade I've mastered the dark art of flexing my auriculares muscles so I can wiggle my ears at will. Lately I've taken up studying how my own mind works.

Avishai Ish-Shalom

tech philosopher

Avishai is a veteran operations and software engineer with years of high scale production experience. After spending many years in startup and web companies, Avishai now serves as Engineer in Residence in Aleph... VC fund.In his spare time, Avishai is spreading weird ideas and conspiracy theories like DevOps and Operations Engineering.

Yoav Landsman

Senior systems engineer at SpaceIL and deputy mission director of the Beresheet spacecraft

Uri Silberstein

Big Data Developer @PayPal

As part of the platform engineering team at PayPal, Uri Silberstein is responsible for building PayPal's large scale stream processing platform including analytical framework which provides an easy way to... run statistical and machine learning models. Before working for PayPal, Uri worked at several leading startups and at IBM in both research and storage divisions. Besides all the fun above, Uri also enjoys sports, traveling and spending quality time with his wife and two sons.

Yuval Kaminka

Co-Founder & CEO @ JoyTunes

Developer turned product and now (yet another) douche CEO @ JoyTunes. Extremely passionate about working on things that matter and particularly on driving growth.

Iftach Bar

CTO at riseup

CTO at riseup

Shay Davidson

Developer at Lemonade

A web, mobile and game developer. I love creating cool user interactions, great UX, delightful consumer-facing products and procedural art and graphics (even with CSS!). I have a passion for the web, game... development and mixing between the two.

Effie Arditi

SVP Engineering and Product at ClimaCell

In the past 20 years, I’ve been building products for businesses and consumers both as a founder and as an employee in large enterprises. One of my obsessions is understanding why people... make the choices they do and what can we do to solve customers needs in the best way. In my talk I will cover some ideas and insights of trying to do it systematically, eliminating the luck factor and gut feeling from the equation.

Noam Elboim

Front End Engineer at Facebook

Front End Engineer at Facebook. I'm passionate about new technologies and ideas. I believe in making practical talks, which are interesting for beginners and seasoned engineers all... together. In my day-to-day work at Facebook, I mainly work on web infrastructures and would like to share how we try to solve some interesting web related issues.

Rotem Haber

Engineering Manager at WeWork and Executive VP at she codes;

I’m an experienced hands-on manager and developer (more than 12 years of accumulated experience) Web Client & Server development of large scale... SaaS applications. I’m building now a billing system at WeWork technology from scratch, a system that will charge billion of dollars, and also has experience in many technologies in various platforms. I’m passionate about architecture design, micro-services and learning new technologic. I’m also very interested in creative ways to deliver the best quality and fast delivery as a technical manager. I’m also an Executive VP at she codes; which is an organization that puts as a target to reach 50% female developers and has a community of 20,000 developers around Israel.

Tamir Dresher

Chief Architect @ Clarizen

Tamir Dresher is a software architect with over 10 years of experience of developing, consulting and teaching large scalable distributed systems for which he was rewarded... Microsoft MVP. Tamir is the Chief Architect of Clarizen and teach Software Engineering in the Ruppin Academic Center. Tamir is the author of “Rx.NET in Action" which was published by Manning. He blogs at and you can reach out to him via Twitter @tamir_dresher.

Shem Magnezi

Staff Engineer @ WeWork

Shem has a decade of experience in developing in various domains: client and server side, real-time systems, Big Data, mobile, and web. After a couple of years developing mobile apps, in the... last 2 years, he's been trying to figure out what it means to be a web developer. Currently, Shem is a staff engineer at WeWork, previously he was the first employee in MyRoll (acquired by AVG).

Tzvika Barenholz

Group Product Manager @Intuit, ex-Google

I was a computer science and economics major, and I worked as a SWE for ±6 years before becoming a Product Manager. I spent most of my career helping Israeli centers of excellence... succeed within great big American companies. I'm a husband, father of 3-under-5 and a Liverpool FC fan.

Rotem Hermon

Lead Architect, SAP Customer Data Cloud

Rotem Hermon is lead architect at SAP Customer Data Cloud, and has been building and designing back-end systems for a long time now.

Max C. Reuveni

Bringing products to life

A Product Consultant and an entrepreneur at heart with 15 years of experience in the Tech industry. My greatest kick comes from helping people make their dreams come true, turning good ideas into awesome products.... My clients benefit not only from my experience as a product manager, but also from my multidisciplinary skillset. I’m a Mamaram graduate and experienced DBA, a licensed attorney & mediator, and a Product mentor at WeWork Labs, Future, TakeOff and other hubs. I also volunteer as Midburn's Tech Department's Head of Product, leading 8 product managers & aspiring product managers in gaining professionally relevant hands on experience in their volunteer work.

Alon Kiriati

Dropboxer @ Dropbox

A full stack developer for the last 10+ years. I started from the very low level of RT/Embedded and went all the way "up" to react/js. Enthusiastic about culture, tech, product and ping pong I believe everything in.... the world can be expressed with emojis, and usually check that every textbox I encounter supports them 👻

Gil Hoffer

Co-Founder / VP R&D @ Salto

Started programming at the age of 6 (Basic on Commodore64), and been around computers ever since. Loves to build stuff - systems, teams and organization. Ex VP Engineering at Oracle, VP R&D at Ravello Systems (acquired by... Oracle) and 8200. Currently doing exciting stuff at Salto.

Sharone Revah Zitzman

Cannot be defined in 100 characters or less.

Sharone Zitzman heads up developer relations at AppsFlyer striving to build a culture focused on engineering excellence and a stellar developer experience. Sharone was... formerly the open source community lead for Cloudify. In her spare time she helps drive other local communities, including the the DevOps Israel community, and the Cloud Native Israel community - and helps organize five meetups worldwide. Find her on Twitter or Github - @shar1z

Chen Feldman

Fullstack Freelance Developer & "Making Software" Podcast Host

I am a software developer for more than 12 years and currently a fullstack freelancer , who worked in the last year with more than 10 clients using ReactJS and React Native (including moving... a huge company from Israel from Angular to React). In the last year I created and currently hosting one of the best podcast for programmers in Israel and created until now 20+ episodes (React, Node.js, Deep Learning, Kubernetes and many more). I really enjoy lecturing to other people and to make complex technical subjects accessible for hearing and learning.

Ofer Razon

Passionate about the potential of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data to change our lives

strong tech roots; 15 years of product and business management in the enterprise software space; combining everything together to build great products