Full session (30 minutes)

Starting as a new developer in a new company can be a stressful experience. In your first day you're expected to:

  • setup your dev machine
  • get credentials
  • get the app working
  • understand where the company KB is
  • understand who can help you out

It is very time consuming (you always forget something), Not to mention the confusion of new recruits "what else do I need to do?" 🤷‍♀️

so how can we use tools that developers already feel comfortable with, to make the onboarding process easier and more fun?

Imagine you can run a script on your first day on the next day you can start to be part of the team (just like anybody else).

I'll try to present a simple concept of how to onboard with a one-stop shop script. that include provisioning, git, slack bots, docker and other automation.

Kobi Kadosh