Full session (30 minutes)
Software Developer
Production Enginner

Taboola has >250 developers creating over 20 releases a day. We have almost 700 frontend servers in 7 data centers serving over 500k HTTP request per second. Going from QA to production means exposing a new feature to 1.4B monthly unique users and up to 500K HTTP requests/sec which can be frightening.

In my talk, I will demonstrate the concepts we use in Taboola to tackle the above challenge. How and what technologies we use for our metrics, alerts and Canary deployment. How we encourage developers to take end to end responsibility and know the business.

I believe that working the way we do make me a better developer. It is helping me be more creative and responsible, take bigger risks and most importantly enjoy. I will be happy to convince you to try and work as we do.

Gal Shelach