Full session (30 minutes)
Day 2 | 13:20-13:50 | A3

Did you ever get frustrated spelling a password over the phone? "*Capital* B, and then the *digit* 6, not s-i-x". After making sure the language is not set to Hebrew, capslock is off and your dad can tell a zero from an O, you give up before getting locked out. Now, imagine this is how internet is.

15% of the world’s population experience some form of disability, many of whom consume the web using assistive technologies that basically function as a middleman. Often, due to lacking implementation of websites, these technologies supply a partial, sometimes unusable, experience.

In this session I will give a glance at how web is perceived with assistive technologies, explain how they technically work, and share some practical tips to make your product accessible.

Eynav Dagan