Full session (30 minutes)
Day 2 | 11:50-12:20 | A3

It's everywhere! companies are offering "data driven" culture instead of young and vibrant atmosphere. Statisticians are data scientists, ETL developers - data engineers, data architects appear everywhere (they were here all the time, just feel safe to come out to the light now), and executives are talking about "data assets". One graduate even described himself as "passionately data driven" in his CV!

Has everyone lost their minds?! (Sorry, "got their feature set mixed up")

In this talk I'll share insights I collected during my journey from "plain" software engineering to managing Kenshoo's Data Platform Group. I'll try to demystify the term "data driven" and what it actually means for a company. And most importantly, what to do when your CEO ask you to leverage the power of your data.

Erez Lotan