Full session (30 minutes)

You had a great Idea, you wrote the perfect program for it and it's working. Now you have a few customers and they are thrilled with your product. So you think to yourself what's next? why not sell it to everyone? Oh wait, you can't.. your system will crash under the load. Recently Check Point managed to overcome the challenge of scaling up its system to support bigger customers, and now there is nothing we can't do. In this session I will describe the difficulties we faced and how we managed to handle them:

  • Monitoring: Identify bottlenecks in the system
  • Scale In:
    • Save time with bulk operations.
    • Add optimizations based on system behavior.
  • Scale Out: Make adjustments to enable auto scale.
  • Deployment: Migration and scale up was done with zero downtime and no customer impact.

Nofar Bardugo