Full session (30 minutes)

What exactly is DevOps, and what does a DevOps do?

In this talk, I will focus on the main role of DevOps as I see it: eliminating fear!

Devs have plenty to worry about: How do I deploy to production? How do know my code isn’t going to break production? when production break, what will I do?

Management also has its share of anxieties: After a production issue - how do we make sure it won’t happen again?

DevOps have one core fear: How do I know everything is working?

We’ll discuss some best practices: testing, CI/CD, monitoring tools, and postmortem.

But with a twist: using these tools not just to solve technical issues, but as a way of creating a cultural shift within the company.

The end-goal of our talk is simple: Learn how to move fast and break free of your fears!

itiel shwartz