Full session (30 minutes)

Have you ever received an FE application as a gift from your manger? You were so happy 😊! But when you opened it you didn't like what you saw!! You didn't like the design, you didn't like the implementation, the build processes are too long and not clear, packages are not maintained, and a lot of dead code, not to mention lots of bugs and the poor UI/UX. Then you said to yourself “why should I do this to myself”? Why work with bad infrastructure? It's like putting a band aid on a wound and not really solving it. Then, you see the light! Why not build it from scratch? But how will I do it? I can’t just revise the code. I need a gradual evolution, with the two applications running together. Where to start? What will the design be like? Build process? Communicate & routing between them?

Dan Nahari