Lightning talk (5 minutes)

At Soluto we try things to improve our work process, we keep what works, we found this adjustment to work, think it's worth sharing.

Quite often teams find themselves in these situations:

  1. A lot of tasks in the Doing phase.
  2. Tasks not being completed. Dragging out.....
  3. Knowledge Silos - “I don’t know. Talk with X he worked on it.”

A simple concept - Limit work in process --> Don't open new threads! Close exiting ones. Lead to to a small adjustment we did to the way we work which increased our team's focus and shipping speed.

This small change improved the way team members communicate and own tasks, it resulted in improvement to shipping speed, team spirit, and focus.

In this 5 minute talk I’ll show how teams can easily use this.

Eitan Gersh Kaplawi