From the olden days of DOS, to the contemporary world of Software Testing, I was, am, and always will be, a software developer. I have in the past co-founded WebCollage, survived the bubble collapse of 2000, and worked on various big cloudy projects at Wix. My current passion is figuring out how to test software, a passion which I have turned into his main job as Evangelist and Senior Architect at Applitools. I religiously test all my software, from the early days as a junior software developer to the current days at Applitools, where I develops tests for software that tests software, which is almost one meta layer too many for him. Unfortunately for me, I haven't yet answered the big question of my life - I still doesn't know whether static languages or dynamic languages are best.

Gil's sessions

Egoprogramophobia, or fear of one's own code: how testing can change your life

Full session (30 minutes)