I'm a data-driven product manager. In the past 9 years, I worked mostly at startups doing product and a lot of data. I started at 8200 as a product manager, worked as the first analyst at Conduit, managed a BI team and an in house BI product at a gaming company called Win, was head of Data at Singular and lead the product at Panoply, where we use AI to provide our users with a smart and self-managed data warehouse. I'm a data nerd and I enjoy giving talks about data and showing how easy and useful it can be. I love taking raw data and creating insights out if it and helping others see that they don't have to be a BI person to use data, understand that we are surrounded by data visualizations everywhere (election year anyone?) and that it's important to be sceptical about it. I Love excel, enjoy data visualization, and get excited by AB testing.