I am an R&D group lead at the Navy's technological unit. I specialize in healing work environments, by addressing them as startup companies. I promote and lead innovative and broad processes throughout the organization. In my day-to-day experience, I deal with all technological issues, product management, budget and client handling of the group. I have volunteered as she codes' head of northern area branches for two years and have organized many events, including the first northern hackathon, in order to increase the number of female developers in the north of Israel. I work on a predictive maintenance project using data science tools in order to create a bridge between the traditional world of maritime machines to the future. I am a firm believer of deploying data science where there's a great value for data. I have organized a successful data science hackathon and am forming a data science community within the organization. I am an education enthusiast, and often use educational directives as a part of my management strategies, especially group members guidance and leadership