I am backend developer for the past 2 years at Zooz. Recently finished my Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering degree from Ben-Gurion University. I have a dog Mickey which is the logo of Predator, the open-source project I will present at Reversim. -- I am participating at NodeJS Meetup on 27th March to talk about performance issues in micro-service architecture systems and ways Predator can identify these issues. Link to Meetup information and registration: https://www.meetup.com/NodeJS-Israel/events/256199775/ -- Also, I wrote a blog post about Predator and its capabilities. It can be read here: https://medium.com/zooz-engineering/by-niv-lipetz-software-engineer-zooz-b5928da0b7a8 -- Predator Github Page: https://github.com/Zooz/predator