I love Javascript, whether if it's web, node, electron or hybrid apps. I enjoy programming and developing (almost) any kind of product, the more challenging the better. Taking complex things and breaking them to simple pieces, making them work together beautifully is my favourite thing. I've been a programmer ever since I remember myself, and am extremely ambitious and enthusiastic, I'm always after a good quality challenge, looking for the next 'hot' thing and instantly 'hacking' it from every possible angle. I love tinkering with the inside of any kind of platform - from low-level operating system components, to high-level programming languages, to high level frameworks(AngularJS, ReactJS) or tools(grunt, gulp, webpack). I love any kind of software development as long as it's challenging, interesting and involves learning new things. A strong believer of having fun while working hard and extremely serious about it 😀

Eran's sessions

The wild side of visual tests

Full session (30 minutes)