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Next Insurance

We create insurance products that are online, affordable and tailored to businesses’ needs.

Who We Are?

We are disruptors in insurtech, and created the first live certificates in the industry! Our team is over 100 strong, consisting of engineers, designers, insurance advisors, product managers, and more. At Next Insurance, we’re on a mission to make the lives of small business owners easier, by creating technological solutions to give insurance products online with the most advanced protocols and tools. We’re focused on the US market, where we serve over 40,000 customers.

Our Technology Story

We build our software using microservices architecture on top of AWS infrastructure. Our backend development language is Kotlin with some front end oriented services built on NodeJS and Angular 7. Our CI/CD pipeline is triggered by every commit and after it passes our test suites, the developer deploys to production, this is done several times each day. We do not have QA teams and rely on automated testing and peer code reviews.

Open Positions

Backend Developer
Kfar Saba
At Next Insurance, Backend Developers utilize the latest technologies and programming languages. If you’re a fan of server-side Kotlin, love to produce clean, testable code, and fast, you’re speaking our language! We're looking for a Backend Developer with 4+ years experience, someone adaptable and able to learn new languages quickly, who has great interpersonal and communication skills.
Production Engineer
Kfar Saba
We’re looking for a Production Engineer to lead our AWS DevOps content. You’ll be responsible to define our cloud environment, build/evolve our CI/CD pipeline, and boost productivity. If you're a talented team player with a proven record in Amazon operations/infrastructures: continuous integration, continuous deployment; Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform, talk to us!
Full Stack Web Developer
Kfar Saba
Our team is responsible for client-facing ops, marketing integrations, and so much more! We’re looking for a Full Stack Web Developer as our newest team member to help us work with other departments, who has experience with AnglularJS/React/ember, Node.js/Python/Ruby/C#, Object Oriented programming, and database technologies like MySQL and more. Sound good to you? Apply now!

Reversim & Us

We greatly appreciate the contribution of Reversim’s podcast and summit to the community. Our engineering team has a long and profound relationship with the Reversim summit. Five members of our engineering team have repeatedly spoken at the summit, including Nissim Tapiro, Shay Mandel, Uri Shamay (5 times), Lior Bar-on (twice), and Haim Yadid (3 times). Three of our engineers have been involved as content moderators: Shay Mandel, Haim Yadid (3 times), and Issahar Weiss (twice).