Big Thanks to our sponsor

Redash is an Open Source Company. Our mission is to democratize data usage and access in organizations.

Who We Are?

Redash is a BI tool for people who love SQL: connect and query your data sources, build dashboards to visualize data and share them with your company. Redash is an Open Source SaaS application, meaning that you can either self host it or just signup for the SaaS service.

Redash the company started as a bootstrapped business in 2016 and since grew to a team of developers and professionals scattered around the globe. From a side project to an Open Source company, it is today being used by some of the biggest companies in the world (Atlassian, Google, Amazon, Samsung, and many others) but also by some of the most innovative companies in the startup scene. Thousands of teams are using the Open Source Redash on a daily basis and hundreds of teams are subscribed with hosted plans.

Our Technology Story

We try to use simple, elegant and proved tools for the job. Our backend is Python with Flask and SQLAlchemy along with PostgreSQL and Redis for data storage. The frontend is React. Everything packaged with Docker. The hosted Redash service runs on AWS (ECS, RDS, ELB, CloudWatch).


Reversim & Us

Redash was first introduced in Reversim 2014 as an open source project. In Reversim 2016, Arik shared what he learned from starting an open source company around Redash. And we're excited to be back in 2019 as sponsors 🤘.